Who is Ed Otto?And why others follow his cutting-edge advice.

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Let me be blunt, it's highly unlikely you've heard of me.

I'm not on the board of directors of any bakery or cake decorating organizations.

I haven't won any cake wars. None of my cakes have been featured in any national or international cake magazines.

I'm just an average cake boutique owner in Omaha NE called "The Cake Gallery." I've owned it for over 30 years and have done fairly well for my family by turning it into a multi-million dollar all-occasion cake business.

However, as odd as it sounds, it's not due to my cake decorating abilities.
I'll admit, at best, I'm only pretty good.

However, successful cake shop owners say I have a "Dominating Mastery" over something most cake artists never spend much time learning... the "ART" of selling wedding cakes.

Being a creative person, I get it. It's more interesting and fun taking the newest decorating classes from people like Julie Bashore, Nicholas Lodge or Colette Peters than studying sales and marketing. (Bor-r-r-r-r-ing...)

And that's where the problem lies.

Creative types like us don't enjoy spending time on left-brained business operations. We just want to...well...CREATE.

We look at the function of sales and marketing as being something that doesn't need the same amount of attention as staying on top of the newest decorating techniques. Somehow we tend to think selling comes naturally, as if brides will magically choose us instead of our competitors.

So, here's what happens. Most of us trick ourselves into believing if we offer gorgeous, artistically crafted wedding cakes that taste awesome...brides will automatically order from us.

Who Is Ed Otto

While some of the time that’s true, my research has proven we’re missing the boat.

My research from surveying over 110,000 brides (more on the research in a minute) tells us they visit other talented cake artists besides us when they’re shopping for a wedding cake. And since, many cake artists offer gorgeous wedding cakes, brides have a hard time deciding which artist they should choose.

Most of us trick ourselves into believing if we offer gorgeous artistically crafted cakes that taste awesome, brides will automatically order from us. While some of the time that’s true, my research has proven we’re missing the boat.

When that happens, unfortunately brides default to price. The one thing we all dread! So, let me tell you a short story of how I came across the answers to overcoming insulting comments when brides told me my prices were too high or they liked another cake boutique better than mine.

It all began when I made a decision to write my book titled, “How To Buy The Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake” back in 2004.

What started as an enjoyable writing assignment, wound-up becoming a full-fledged research project that explored the psychological buying behaviors of brides when purchasing their wedding cakes.

Yeah, some heavy-duty stuff.

And, while today, the book is doing great in its 2016,8th edition, the research has allowed me to do something I didn’t expect. It gave me the “Secret Code” to building a sales and marketing plan that addresses what brides actually need to hear and see…based on behavioral psychology.

Oh yeah, studying psychology also showed me how to overcome comments such as, “Your prices are too high” or “I liked another cake boutique better than yours.”

In the video on the home page I spoke about my major breakthrough concept “The Two Faces Of Your Business” and the outstanding results I am getting. I want to share two other key parts of the “Secret Code” that are just as powerful called “The Insecurity Gap” and “Creating The World’s Greatest Internal Reality.”

Yes, 8 out of 10 brides choose us, even though we charge higher prices than our competitors.

These are must-watch videos, because they will give you an excellent psychological understanding of what needs to be said and what to do that will influence brides to choose you.


Here’s what happened when I started using these 3 tactics together.

“Besides our brides being ecstatic over their experience, our order rate from the first consultation went from 28% to 40%. And, overall our order rate from brides who had consultations and eventually choose us went from 48% to 80%.”

“Yes, 8 out of 10 brides choose us, even though we charge higher prices than our competitors.”

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