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In the first video, discover a sales growth secret that reveals the “Two Faces Of Your Wedding Cake Business.”

Get Brides To Choose You And Command Higher Prices

In the first video, I’m going to share a sales growth secret that reveals the “Two Faces Of Your Wedding Cake Business.” 

One side of your face displays your “Internal Reality.” It’s how you run your business. Whether you operate like a well-oiled-mixer or a mixer with some squeaky parts…that’s what YOU see, your “Internal Reality.”

The other side of your face shows your “External Perception.” This is how BRIDES see your “Internal Reality.” Good, bad or indifferent, they’re going to judge you. Their overall opinion, or “External Perception” about you needs to be so favorable, you’ll instantly become their obvious choice.

Otherwise, you’ll leave doubt in her mind and an open door to choose one of your competitors.

“Finally, an expert in our industry focused on sales. If the insights from your research doesn’t help every baker sell more wedding cakes, I don’t know what will.”

“The two faces of your business is perfect. I’ve never thought of brides judging me the way you explain it. I can see how my orders will increase as soon as I do a better job with my external perception.”

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